Introduction to New Testament Biblical Studies

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    Blomberg, Craig L.


    Where Should Twenty-First-Century Evangelical Biblical Scholarship Be Heading?

    "Recent developments and resulting needs are assessed in a variety of areas: historical Jesus research and issues of OT historicity, Pauline theology and theologies of individual OT books, critical methods for the study of both Testaments and especially historical study, contextualized biblical studies, biblical ethics, the application of the OT in the NT age and the quotation of the Old in the New, Greek and Hebrew grammar, OT textual criticism, and the interaction between church and the academy."
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    Blomberg, Craig L. and William W. Klein


    Exegesis Bibliography

    This Bibliography compiled by Blomberg and Klein covers categories of New Testament study such as Textual Criticism, Grammar, Introduction, Historical Background, Theology, Dictionary/Encyclopedia, Criticism, Hermeneutics, Jesus and the Gospels, and Paul. It also provides a selection of commentaries for each individual book of the New Testament.