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    Caird, G. B.


    Jesus And The Jewish Nation

    "Anyone who believes that in the life and teaching of Christ God has given a unique revelation of his character and purpose is committed by this belief, whether he likes it or not, whether he admits it or not, to the quest of the historical Jesus. Without the Jesus of history the Christ of faith is merely a docetic figure, a figment of pious imagination. The Christian religion claims to be founded on historic fact, on events which happened sub Pontio Pilato; and having appealed to history, by history it must be justified."
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    Evans, Craig A.


    What are They Saying about the Historical Jesus?

    "My purpose tonight is to lay before you what I believe are key facets in the scholarly discussion of the historical Jesus. In my view there are five important areas of investigation and in all five there has been significant progress in recent years. I shall frame these areas as questions. They include (1) the question of the ethnic, religious, and social location of Jesus; (2) the question of the aims and mission of Jesus; (3) the question of Jesus’ self-understanding; (4) the question of Jesus’ death; and (5) the question of Jesus’ resurrection. All of these questions directly bear on the relevance of Jesus for Christian faith and some of them have important implications for Jewish-Christian relations."
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    Fredriksen, Paula


    What You See Is What You Get: Context and Content in Current Research on the Historical Jesus

    "A century ago, scholarship on the historical Jesus had polarized around two distinct options. To the one side stood the ethical constructions of the liberal Protestants...To the other side stood scholars less optimistic-indeed, pessimistic-about the Gospels' servicability as witnesses to Jesus...Where are we, a hundred years later? Jesus the charismatic healer and existential religious thinker, Jesus the wandering cynic sage, Jesus the social revolutionary, Jesus the prophet of the impending end of days-all of these versions of Jesus populate the pages of the most recent books, all presented with the same calm authority, all constructed through appeals to the same data. If this is progress, we might wish for less of it."
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    McDade, John


    Jesus in Recent Research

    "I will be considering some recent reconstructions of the historical Jesus. My particular concern will be Jesus’ understanding of himself and his aims as presented in these reconstructions...Christian faith, of course, refers to and interprets Jesus, but in what sense does it depend upon, build upon and accurately convey the actuality of Jesus in ways that are not morally flawed by a disproportion between what it says about Jesus and how Jesus saw himself? There are considerable implications for Christian faith if the charge is proved that the canonical Jesus is radically discontinuous with the pre-canonical Jesus and that post-resurrection faith embellishes the significance of Jesus in ways which exceed and even disregard what he thought of himself."