Paul’s Knowledge of Jesus

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    Barnett, Paul


    The Importance of Paul for the Historical Jesus

    "Paul's letters - so far from being the bridge from a Jewish to a 'hellenistic' Jesus - are, in fact, a roadblock to such ideas. Here I could develop a case from what Paul himself wrote; his letters are historically the earliest written part of the New testament. Instead, however, I will concentrate not on Paul's own words but to words earlier than his which he quotes within his letters, in particular to words within First Corinthians, words - which says - he 'received' from those before him."
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    Bedard, Stephen J.


    Paul and the Historical Jesus: A Case Study in First Corinthians

    "It is well known that Paul does not often quote the teachings or refer to the earthly life of Jesus. However, this should not be taken as evidence that these traditions were unknown to Paul. 1 Corinthians is a good example of Paul’s use of the Jesus tradition in a number of forms. In this letter, Paul explicitly cites Jesus, quotes liturgical traditions concerning Jesus and incorporates echoes of Jesus’ teaching into his own arguments. 1 Corinthians demonstrates that the Jesus tradition, including details of the passion and resurrection, as well as specific teachings, were well known to Paul."
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    Sweeney, James


    Jesus, Paul, and the Temple: An Exploration of Some Patterns of Continuity

    "The relationship between Jesus and Paul has been vigorously debated in critical scholarship for more than two centuries, with the critical consensus generally viewing it in terms of discontinuity rather than continuity...This essay will investigate the Jesus–Paul relationship relative to the apostle’s teaching that believers, both corporately and individually, are the temple of God indwelt by the Spirit (1 Cor 3:16–17; 6:19). 1 It will be argued that Paul’s teaching coheres with the implications of prominent strands of Jesus’ teachings preserved in the Gospels. A plausible explanation for this coherence is that there is continuity between Jesus and Paul regarding this theme."