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    Goodacre, Mark


    A Monopoly on Marcan Priority? Fallacies at the Heart of Q

    "I will argue that a series of fallacies lie at the heart of the Q hypothesis. The fallacies on which we will focus are all arguments that have the appearance of plausibility, which seem to be in some way self evident, but which on closer inspection turn out to involve some false or dubious premises and reasoning. I do not think that they are solely responsible for the success of the Q hypothesis, but they have bolstered and supervised its continued domination of the field."
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    Goodacre, Mark


    Fatigue in the Synoptics

    "Theories about the Synoptic Gospels stand or fall because of the degree of plausibility which scholars find in the argument. Not everyone will agree that the examples adduced here are indeed examples of editorial fatigue and some will be unhappy with the solution to the synoptic problem to which they apparently point. The advantage, however, of this kind of approach is that it can only be properly answered by adducing good counter-examples, the cumulative effect of which would be to undermine the argument for the solution to the synoptic problem that is favoured here."
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    Ingolfsland, Dennis


    Kloppenborg's Stratification of Q and Its Significance for Historical Jesus Studies

    "When John Kloppenborg...wrote The Formation of Q in 1987, it was impossible to foresee that this book would become a foundational study for some of the more radical presentations of Jesus as a non-apocalyptic Jewish Cynic. Although Kloppenborg distances himself from the Jewish Cynic thesis, his work has been used not only to support that thesis but to revise Christian origins...Kloppenborg himself believes that his hypothesis supports the idea that the Q community had a soteriology fundamentally different than the Pauline soteriology...Considering the implications of Kloppenborg’s hypothesis for the historical study of Jesus, this article will provide an analysis of Kloppenborg’s thesis..."
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    Linnemann, Eta


    The Lost Gospel Of Q—Fact Or Fantasy?

    "Imagine flying to a non-existent island on an airplane that has not yet been invented. Even if this impossible trip were to take place during the thirteenth month of the year, it would not be as fantastic as the tale, recently christened as scientific certainty by some NT scholars, concerning the so-called lost gospel Q and the earliest Church."
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    Peterson, Jeffrey


    Order in the Double Tradition and the Existence of Q

    "Argument from the order of Synoptic pericopes holds a venerable place in discussion of the two-source hypothesis. Most often it is the agreements and disagreements of order in the triple tradition that have been taken up in relation to the priority of Mark. But the order of pericopes in the double tradition has also figured in consideration of the second document of the two-source hypothesis, the hypothetical Sayings Gospel Q. The differing arrangement of this material in Matthew and Luke has been held to preclude a direct literary relationship between these Gospels and to require an indirect relationship, mediated by Q...The present essay examines the logic of the argument from order in the double tradition and questions whether it affords such clear grounds for the existence of Q."